Dear Dealer:

You are the exclusive outlet to the retail public. Mass merchandisers are not used to market UrineRx. To maintain its level of scientific integrity, UrineRx should only be sold and promoted by Doctors of Veterinary Medicine.

It is important to note the loyalty of the customer to this product. With animal owners, once UrineRx is in their home, they simply cannot live without it. UrineRx is the answer to animal urine odor problems.

To make this profitable for the DVM, no middle man is used. After product cost and freight have been calculated, the DVM should at least double their money on the smaller-sized bottles. The DVM should set his own retail price according to their own dictates.

    DVM Cost:

   $  4.90 per pint

   $  7.90 per quart

   $12.90 per gallon

SHIPP CHEMICAL CO., INC. has over 30 years experience in manufacturing and selling specialty chemicals through institutional and commercial dealers. We are proud to sell this long hearalded product to the pet industry through DVMs.

Thank you for being a dealer of UrineRx.

UrineRx advanced




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